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Create a rail and trade empire! In this economy simulation you continuously build new transport routes between different cities. You decide which goods to trade in and who to trade with. You will only make a profit with the right strategy. You can upgrade your train station with your profits. 11 building types and more than 250 upgrade levels are available. Invest in research and ring in new eras yourself! You will play through a total of six eras and travel full steam ahead towards an endgame, for which only the best will qualify. Only if you invest in research can you become a railroad tycoon and start new eras. With the right strategy you will develop new trains and certainly out-drive your fellow players with your more advanced engines.

Form alliances and win as a team! Find new alliances from among your 2.5 million fellow players and become the new logistics magnate. As part of a powerful railroad association it will be your task to extend your own railroad empire step by step. Only once your trains dominate the logistics sector, you will be the new railroad tycoon of Rail Nation.


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NOW also available in these countries! Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland